Brew for the Men In Red

Xavier on "The Beast"

On Saturday morning we took some whole bean coffee from Thousand Hills to the Buckeye Fire Department.  I wanted to thank them for taking me to the hospital in October.  I wasn’t grateful for being in the hospital, but I was very thankful that they were there to take me there and at least start the ball rolling in trying to figure out what is wrong with me now.

When we got to the fire house they were in return grateful for the coffee and asked if X wanted to see any of the trucks.  So he wanted to see “The Beast.”  James, the firefighter, let him get in the cab and start her up, play with the radio and all the buttons.  Then James turned the generator on the back so X could use the hose.  X was really excited that he got to water a very dry desert bush.

2 responses to “Brew for the Men In Red”

  1. Josh Avatar

    I can only imagine what kind of puddle he made with that and I am glad he never had that kind of water power when him and Phoenix where making them in your backyard lol. You would have a pool, no plans and very wet smelly dogs.

  2. Julie Avatar

    That was awesome! I’m sure he had a great time! How nice to take them coffee! Love you and miss you!

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