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If you know me at all you will know that I like my space to organized and clutter free.

We have steadily out grown our house that we have been in for about 4 1/2 years, so we thought that a little extra space would be helpful while we are waiting for the right house to come along. So we started out our Christmas vacation by building a shed. By we I mean, Aaron, Dad and Cody. Occasionally Mom, Rachel, and I would hold up a wall, sweep, etc. They had the shed finished by New Year’s weekend, which isn’t too bad for guys who had no clue what they were doing. They did a great job and I now have 120 sq feet of space to put Acholi Beads, which used to live in my living room, Christmas and Fall decor, and misc nonsense that we are keeping until we move.

Don’t think I wasn’t busy during this time the boys were building. I took this time to completely “gut” Xavier’s room. I took out all of his toys and went through them and got rid of so many that I think that we could of started a toy store. Then I went and got a ClosetMaid Cube, fabric buckets, and plastic tubs and sorted. I think he is now the most organized 5 year old in town, maybe even in Arizona. I went a little crazy.

And that’s not all, I have now, simultaneously started to reorganize the kitchen and the office. Who knows what’s next? I think that I have taken this New Year’s resolution thing a little far or maybe the meds the doctor has me on are just making it so I have many more better days.

Watch out…your pantry might be next!

Xavier Flying His Kite

Xavier Flying His Kite

Today we had a break from the heat, it was awesome. Our house is located near some small mountains, so we get some pretty good winds going every couple of days. Today was a perfect day to fly.

Xavier said “You thinkin’ what I am thinkin’?”

To that we reply “No, what?”

“Let’s go fly my kite!”

I don’t blame him for wanting to take part in this most glorious day. Being coupe up in the house because of heat for the last three can’t be any fun for a hyper-fun four year old. He spent most of his day outside. He went to a car show with Papa Honey and he had a bubble party with Mama Julie. Today was quite well round for the first cool day. Tomorrow….the quad!

Rachel Flying Her First Kite

Rachel Flying Her First Kite

I just wanted to let you all know that we adults were not left out of the fun kite flying. Rachel had the chance to fly a kite for the first time and she didn’t even crash it! We are so proud of her, she is growing up so fast.

Aaron Getting in Some Kite Flying Action

Aaron Getting in Some Kite Flying Action

Aaron also got to fly some too. He was getting jealous that he couldn’t find his kite but Xavier was kind enough to let him borrow his for a while.