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I knew it was coming even if I didn’t want it, but X grew again. It seemed over night that his 4t clothes no longer fit. He now can fit the 5t and XS’s in the youth section. My little boy is very much not a baby anymore. He can do so many things on his own, soon I feel that he will no longer need me do any of the little tasks anymore. He dresses himself, he can get his own breakfast and he even feeds the dog. I am having these feelings of sadness/joyfullness that X will be 5 in three short months because he is no longer my little bundle and yet he is growing into such a sweet, compassionate young boy. It is hard to watch him grow and not want to keep him small but I know that the Lord has so many great plans for his life. I pray that we can just be the parents that we need to be to keep him on that path.

I have been in desperate need of fitting clothes for some time now. I decided to go clothes shopping with my fashion adviser (X), Rachel, and my mom. We had done this over a couple of days, making sure my adviser wasn’t missing any crucial naps.

Our first shopping trip was for shoes. X decided that he should join in the fun of trying on all the different styles of shoes. He tried, ballet flats, heels, and even a nice pair of brown leather boots. X did try to walk in the heels and boots but continued to trip, he never gave up he just said they weren’t the right pair of shoes. He then proceeded to pick out shoes for Rachel and I to try on, saying “These are so pretty, you should buy them!” The pretty shoes he was picking out were like shoes that you would think a “lady of the streets” would wear, they were like 5″ wedges that were bright yellow that had a large bow on them.

The second shopping day Rachel had to start her new job so it was the Adviser, Mom, and I. We were shopping for clothes that would be suitable for mine and Aaron’s upcoming trip to Boston. X was again picking out clothes that I don’t think would be appropriate for public but that was par for the course. Being that both Mom and I had chosen things to try on, X had to go in the changing room with me. Now, X’s voice is not quiet by any means so everything could be heard in the changing area. As I was trying on clothes X was telling me how he liked or didn’t like certain things. I was trying on a dress (I know a dress, I even bought it) and X said, very loudly “Mommy, why do you have purple stripes on your tummy?” I thought I could pass out and never come out of the room. You would think that by now with this kid I would be used to the fact that nothing is sacred. I replied “Those were left by you.” X nodded his head like he had accomplished something great. I guess leaving a lasting impression is what everyone wishes for.

We recently got X the Veggie Tales Worship CD, which is very Psalty-esque. It quickly became his favorite CD, knocking Red Baron out of the top spot. It contains many contemporary worship songs, which keeps Aaron and I entertained. X has come to love the song “Better is One Day.” I find him singing the song when we are playing together or even if he is coloring by himself. It just makes me so happy that he is learning at such a young age to worship God. It is amazing the love and faith that a child has, it really is inspiring.

First Day of Preschool 2008

First Day of Preschool 2008

Xavier went back to preschool last month. Both of us were so excited but for different reasons. I think it is nice to have a little quite time once in a while, even though I miss him by the end of the three hours. He was looking forward to having fun with his teachers, who are great friends of ours, and the new kids that would be in his class. He always tells me that he likes new things.

Last week Mrs. Nikki had her baby, just a tad early, and I was able to go in and help with the class so that Mrs. Heidi didn’t have to control a very full preschool all on her own. There was another mom who also volunteered for the day. X thought it was great that I was going to be there all day. I was helping with the 3 year olds. I have a new appreciation for my friends and the fact they are sane after each day. I guess that goes to show you that a teacher is one of the best people in a child’s life.

Side note: Robbie is X’s imaginary friend.

X: “I am really trying not to do what Robbie is telling me to do.”

Aaron: “What is that?”

X: “Get more toys.”

Aaron: “I agree, you don’t need anymore toys.”

X: “But I don’t like to ignore my friends.”

This was the conversation we had on the way to dinner last night. I think it is very sad that a 4 year old understands reverse psychology.

Today I decided that I would finally give in. I am going to keep a blog. I was feeling left out and I felt that I should let my random thoughts and experiences have their 15 seconds on the internet.

I will try to share funny little stories that my husband, Aaron, and my son, Xavier aka X, come up with. I will also try to share updated photos of X as he continues to grow, change and keep me on my feet.

I hope that you enjoy the rants, raves, and down right silliness of my life.