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Today was Xavier’s preschool Christmas party. Aaron and I both had the chance to go with him which was so much fun. There where so many kids there it was chaotic. Nikki put me in charge of the Gingerbread House station. I think I will be dreaming of frosting for the next couple of weeks.

The kids got to build houses, make ornaments, color a gingerbread man, listen to the Polar Express, have a Christmas inspired memory game, and to top it off they had a book exchange. I think all of the kids went home on a sugar and adrenaline high.

Xavier Flying His Kite

Xavier Flying His Kite

Today we had a break from the heat, it was awesome. Our house is located near some small mountains, so we get some pretty good winds going every couple of days. Today was a perfect day to fly.

Xavier said “You thinkin’ what I am thinkin’?”

To that we reply “No, what?”

“Let’s go fly my kite!”

I don’t blame him for wanting to take part in this most glorious day. Being coupe up in the house because of heat for the last three can’t be any fun for a hyper-fun four year old. He spent most of his day outside. He went to a car show with Papa Honey and he had a bubble party with Mama Julie. Today was quite well round for the first cool day. Tomorrow….the quad!

Rachel Flying Her First Kite

Rachel Flying Her First Kite

I just wanted to let you all know that we adults were not left out of the fun kite flying. Rachel had the chance to fly a kite for the first time and she didn’t even crash it! We are so proud of her, she is growing up so fast.

Aaron Getting in Some Kite Flying Action

Aaron Getting in Some Kite Flying Action

Aaron also got to fly some too. He was getting jealous that he couldn’t find his kite but Xavier was kind enough to let him borrow his for a while.

Side note: Robbie is X’s imaginary friend.

X: “I am really trying not to do what Robbie is telling me to do.”

Aaron: “What is that?”

X: “Get more toys.”

Aaron: “I agree, you don’t need anymore toys.”

X: “But I don’t like to ignore my friends.”

This was the conversation we had on the way to dinner last night. I think it is very sad that a 4 year old understands reverse psychology.

Today I decided that I would finally give in. I am going to keep a blog. I was feeling left out and I felt that I should let my random thoughts and experiences have their 15 seconds on the internet.

I will try to share funny little stories that my husband, Aaron, and my son, Xavier aka X, come up with. I will also try to share updated photos of X as he continues to grow, change and keep me on my feet.

I hope that you enjoy the rants, raves, and down right silliness of my life.