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(Warning: Contains a woman’s rant on her personal possessions.)

We now have two dogs and they have the mob mentality which makes it very hard to figure out who’s done what. Last night one of my favorite brown kitten heal sandals became victim to the harsh environment of the teeth and drool. I caught both Cat and Maybe with the shoe, so like I said it is very hard to figure out who started the brutal attack.

I LOVED those shoes….also love my dogs. I guess it just gives me another reason to go shoe shopping.

Super Maybe!

Super Maybe!

Last night Xavier had Rachel help put his Superman cape on Maybe. Xavier and Maybe proceed to run around the house as super heroes. Maybe did quiet well as a side kick, she came when ever she was needed. Xavier would yell “Super Mimi’s on the way!” Maybe was close behind.

(Just so you all know the dog’s name IS Maybe, but Xavier says that is to hard for a little dog to bark. So Xavier has called her Mimi since the day we brought her home. Hey as long as the dog comes when she is called I am good.)